Gladstar, Micheal J. Caduto and Rosemary


    Michael J. Caduto is a renowned author, ecologist, educator and storyteller who has written and coauthored sixteen books, including Native American Gardening, the Keepers of the Earth series, In the Beginning: The Story of Genesis and Earth Activities for Children, and Abraham's Bind & Other Bible Tales of Trickery, Folly, Mercy and Love (SkyLight Paths). His articles have appeared in many magazines, including Organic Gardening, Sanctuary, Nature Study and Instructor. In 1984 he founded a service called P.E.A.C.E.—Programs for Environmental Awareness and Cultural Exchange—which promotes understanding, awareness, appreciation and stewardship as the foundation for building a harmonious, sustainable relationship between people and Earth, and among the cultures of the world. His website is J. Caduto(/b) is available to speak on the following topics:(ul)(li)Nurturing Herbs for Body, Mind and Spirit(/li)(li)Fiddleheads, Lamb's Quarters, Nettles and Nuts: Wild Edible, Medicinal and Poisonous Plants(/li)(li)Native American Gardening: Planting Seeds of the Future(/li)(li)Earth Gardens and the Seasons of Life(/li)(li)A Harvest of Tales: Native Stories, Song, Dance and Food

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