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    Robin Robertson is a veteran restaurant chef, cooking teacher, and an acclaimed writer. She pens a regular column for VegNews Magazine and has written for Vegetarian Times, Health Naturally, Restaurant Business, National Culinary Review, American Culinary Federation Magazine, and Better Nutrition. She has written numerous cookbooks including the best - selling title The Sacred Kitchen. She wrote a weekly column entitled '' The Veg Edge'' for The Virginian - Pilot newspaper of Norfolk, Virginia, which also appeared in the Albany, New York, Times Union newspaper under the title '' The Veg Connection.'' Robertson grew up eating and cooking the delicious foods prepared by her Italian - American mother. She became an expert at classical French cooking while working at a variety of fine restaurants in Pennsylvania and South Carolina. She left the restaurant business in 1988, adopted a vegan lifestyle, and began spreading the word about flavorful vegetarian and vegan cuisine in classes, workshops, newspapers, magazines, and cookbooks. Robertson currently writes, promotes her books, and teaches workshops and classes on her innovative vegan and vegetarian cuisine in Virginia Beach, Virginia, where she lives with her husband and two cats.

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