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    Healing Honestly
    Healing Honestly
    The Messy and Magnificent Path to Overcoming Self-Blame and Self-Shame
    <b>The Least Retraumatizing Read on Childhood Sexual Abuse. <br/>For Survivors, by a Survivor.</b><br/><b><i>Healing Honestly</i></b><b> is a candid, poignant, and often funny survivor-to-survivor guide to navigating the salty waters of untrue stories and victim-blaming narratives that survivors of child sex abuse hear every day.</b><br/>Survivors of child sex abuse (CSA) are inundated with untrue stories of their abuse, the aftermath, and what their healing journey should look like. The truth is those stories are a bunch of hot garbage. <br/> <br/>Healing Honestly is a guide for survivors, written by a survivor, helping to break through the negative self-talk and debunk the myths that impact victims of CSA, such as: <br/> There is a real survivor out there, and we are not it. <br/> It happened so long ago that we should be over it by now. <br/> We are having too much sex because of our trauma, and also, we are having too little sex because of our trauma. <br/> <br/>With an approachable style that makes heavy topics not so damn scary, this book shows how trauma survivors can learn to identify these untrue stories that often come up in dating, in friendships, in families, at work, and more. Readers will discover strategies for turning down the volume on the bullshit so that they can hear their own wisdom and inner truth more clearly. <br/> <br/>Full of wit and humor, Healing Honestly offers practical strategies for survivors of sex abuse to support themselves in living full and vibrant lives.
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    Alisa Zipursky
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