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    The Power of Latino Leadership, Second Edition, Revised and Updated
    The Power of Latino Leadership, Second Edition, Revised and Updated
    Culture, Inclusion, and Contribution
    <b>This updated and expanded edition is the first and only book to offer a leadership model firmly based on the Latino experience and culture. </b><br/>50 million Latinos live in the U.S. and it's estimated that by 2050, one in three Americans will be Hispanic. By sheer numbers alone Latinos will shape the 21st century. What does it take to lead a varied and vibrant people who hail from twenty-six different countries and are a blend of different races? What can leaders of all cultures and ethnicities learn from how Latinos lead?<br/>Juana Bordas takes us on a journey to the very heart and soul of Latino leadership. She offers ten principles that guide Latino leaders and features numerous examples of these principles in action. <br/>Bordas's first three principles describe personal characteristics and qualities that have traditionally prepared Latinos to lead their communities. Her next two principles touch on common cultural values that unify this diverse people. And finally, she offers five action-oriented principles that animate Latinos' inclusive, community-oriented, socially responsible, and life-affirming approach to leadership.<br/>Since nearly six in ten Latinos are millennials or younger, the second edition contains a new chapter that includes the voices and visions of young Latinos and contains an intergenerational model applicable to leadership programs across the country. This edition also includes data from the 2020 census and adds more information on multicultural Latino identities. This unprecedented and wide-ranging book shows that Latino leadership is indeed powerful and distinctive and has lessons that can inform leaders of every background.
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